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Many novice musicians believe that mixing tracks-a banal process to the point of obscenity, and is an elementary adjustment of the regulators.
If it were that simple, our sound engineer would be out of work. But it doesn't threaten him.
In fact, it depends on how well the mixing of the music will be done, whether your track will sound, or all the efforts for professional recording were in vain.
A good sound engineer will not just turn a set of tracks into a complete mix, but will help to place the right accents, highlight the strengths of the composition and create an individual, unique sound.

What else you need to know about the Mixing?

Mixing – the final stage, after which I get the finished track?
Mixing is one of the key stages of working on the track, after which you can more or less specifically understand what will come out of all this.
However, in order for the audio material to turn into a really high-quality and professional recording, after the information you need to do mastering, which we provide for free .
Then your mix will delight with a clean and smooth sound.

What do I need to send a track for mixing?
1) In the letter, be sure to attach a DEMO record (no matter what quality, at least from the phone)
2) Multitrack should be sent in the archive, filled in on file sharing.
3) Attach to the multitrack reference (reference) tracks, the sound of which the sound engineer should rely on in the process of information.
4) All files must be in WAV format (24 or 32 bits; 44.11 kHz or higher)
5) All files without normalization and any processing. (IMPORTANT! For synthesizers and sampled instruments: send two versions of audio tracks: with and without effects).
6) Send stereo tracks as separate monofiles (L and R channels separately).
Prices :
Price: 39 €
Manual tuning of two vocal tracks and mastering-free! 

2-7 tracks in the project*

2-3 days to complete / up to 3 edits

Price: 69 €
Free mastering

8-21 tracks in the project*

3-5 days to complete / up to 5 edits

Price: 99 €
+ Mailing on popular DJs through the service (VIPULTIMA) and mastering for free

22-40 tracks in the project*

5-7 days to complete / up to 8 edits

Price: 215 €

The number of edits and tracks is unlimited.*

+ Remix pack, group stems, additional materials.