Art & Cover Design 

Need Cover for Release?

We will help you come up with an idea for the release cover. We will also develop for you a unique style of your brand from the design of social network pages to the press kit.

All kind of web design

We can help you with any kind of design, whether it's a website, project, or even a magazine.
Release cover: 
Price: €25
Develop a release image design based on your ideas.

.jpeg format

Social network Design: 
Price: €30
Develop a social network design (Image headers) based on your ideas.

Up to 2 social networks.

.jpeg .png format

Website Design: 
Price: €75
Develop a full website design. Color Scheme.

.jpeg .png .gif format

Other Design: 
Price: is negotiable

If you need any other type of design click order and describe the task to our designer

All format