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2006 Rate Card

Digital Mixing Studio - ProTools workstation, processing equipment & digital multi-track recording, including one mixer $150/hour
Additional Mixer $ 40/hour
Digital Audio Editing Studio - Digital audio workstation used for sound design, editing, ADR & VO recording & editing, dialog editing, sound effects prelay, and music editing & prelay $95/hour
Foley Studio - $150/hour
VO/ADR Recording Recording Studio - Digital audio workstation , DA88, DAT CDR $150/hour
Layover/Layback from HD, Digi-Beta, Beta $220/hour
Coded DA88 $ 25/each
Other services and rates are available upon request.

3251 Oakley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Vox: (323) 845-9300 E-Mail:

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