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CD Samplers for VO Talent

Ideas & Guidelines

1. Lenght & Content - Since a CD has separate tracks (up to 99), and the client can easily skip to another section, a CD sampler can afford to be longer than a cassette sampler. It may be helpful to group different styles of VO (comic, commercial, dramatic, cartoon characters, etc.) in different tracks. The client can access only the style he or she is interested in.

2. Duplication run - As in any duplication process the costs are minimized with more copies. Remember, however, that talent will want to update material periodically. The duplication process breaks down into several arenas:

  • 1-5 Copies - CDR (CD Recorder) - Average $10 - $20 each.
  • 10-20 Copies - CDR (CD Recorder) copies from duplicator. Approx. $15 each. 1-2 days
  • 75-100 Copies - Pressing, Approx. $6 - $10 [2-14 days]
  • 500 - 1000 Copies - Pressing, Approx. $2.20 each [2-14 days]
  • Over 1000 copies - Pressing - as low as $1.30 each [2-14 days]
3. Special Audio Possibilities - Since the audio for the sampler will be assembled in the Studio Frame Digital Audio Workstation, a new world of possibilities opens up.

  • Equalization and smoothing out of old master tape selections is facilitated.
  • Future revisions of the sampler master are very quickly done.
  • Identifying announcements, chapter headings can be added.
  • Musical introductions or sound effects can be edited (Soundesign has 45 different music libraries and hundreds of thousands of sound effects in house.)
  • One of a kind specialized Samplers can be made for a particular audition and one CD can be burned - at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Color artwork can be laser printed with standard graphics - so that the package is still professional and co-ordinated.
4. Graphics - Graphics are an integral part of any promotional package. Elements you might want to consider are:

  • Silk-screened CD disk label or CD adhesive label
  • CD Insert booklet
  • CD tray card
  • Co-ordinated résumé (print in booklet?)
  • Mailer & Labels
  • ?With Compliments? card
5. Mailing - Soundesign can sub-contract the assembly, shrink wrapping, packaging, labeling, sorting and mailing of the Samplers to your mailing list.

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